Fancy Forge World Open Day Sneaky Snaps!

April 1, 2014 by brennon

Last weekend was the Forge World Open Day and one of our community members, Owen Parry, managed to pick up a whole bunch of images to share with you folks. You might well have seen some of these out there already but here is our pick of the bunch...

Siege Automaton #1

Siege Automaton #2

First up we have a look at the Siege Automaton with a rather large gun strapped to the back. Of course these have their use in the Horus Heresy and such but it would be awesome to start using these as tank stand-ins and use it as a proxy Vindicator for your Space Marines.


Turret Options


Of course the Mechanicum and plenty of other options were also shown off. I think these Thallax troops are some of the coolest looking pieces they have done yet. It's also nice to see the scale of the Siege Automaton when compared to the rest of the soldiers.

Word Bearers Upgrades

Salamanders Upgrades

Imperial Fist Upgrades

If you prefer a particular Chapter then you can also pick up some of these Upgrade Sets which allow you to put a firm stamp of approval onto your Space Marine armour. I think of the three there the Salamanders are looking the best; especially when you consider their new Pyroclasts.


Also wouldn't really be a Forge World Open Day without some awesome looking tanks and here is one of them. I love the more hi-tech look of the equipment and weapons that the Space Marines were using during the Heresy. It is a nice contrast to what they have been left with in the 41st Millennium.

Knight #1

Knight #2

I think these kind of folk are also the flavour of the month right now yes? If you fancy getting your hands on a different kind of Knight then Forge World might have the one for you. A rather impressive is spindly cousin of the Imperial Knight that we got from Games Workshop last month.

Did you go to the Forge World Open Day? If so what was your favourite part?

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