Forge World Reveal The Dark Archmagos Draykavac!

September 9, 2014 by brennon

Forge World have revealed another addition to their Horus Heresy line and this time the character is from the Mechanicum part of the Imperium. See what you think of Archmagos Draykavac!

Archmagos Draykavac

Archmagos Draykavac (On Foot)

Archmagos Draykavac (Rear)

For a bit of a low down on who he actually is...

"The treacherous Archmagos Draykavac had a fearsome reputation throughout the Imperium, thinking nothing of sacrificing thousands of lives to further his knowledge and understanding of the arcane arts of the Omnissiah. When the Horus Heresy broke out, Draykavac revealed his dark allegiance to Warmaster Horus, his loyalty bought with the promise of access to technologies long forbidden by the Emperor."

I'm not entirely sure I actually like the model however. The pedestal he is on is nice enough and it certainly has the Warhammer feel to it adorned with skulls and plenty of pageantry but the actual model of Draykavac doesn't excite me that much. He doesn't look particularly threatening or commanding like you'd I'd assume he would. Even though he isn't a straight up combatant I don't get a sense of menace from him.

Maybe you see more in Draykavac than I do?

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