Forge World’s New Years Open Day Covers All The Bases

January 2, 2017 by brennon

Forge World are holding a New Years Open Day right now, yes today, the 2nd January 2017. There they will be showing off some cool new products on the way this year and here's a sneaky peek at some of them.

Mighty Zug

Leading the way for the Fantasy Football side of things we have Mighty Zug above who would be a great pick for someone who has snapped up the new version of Blood Bowl. Now you have a proper Star Player miniature to use on the tabletop!

Far Future Battlefields

As well as that we got to see something monstrous in the form of Mazarall The Butcher for those who like delving into the world of Age of Sigmar or indeed Warhammer 40,000. Deamons do seem to be the flavour at the moment!

Mazarall The Butcher

Sticking with the grim dark future in some regards we also have this rather superb looking Contemptor Dreadnought for the Legio-Custodes.

Contemptor Galatus Dreadnought

This is actually a Contemptor Galatus Dreadnought and is showing off with that rather epic looking blade and the awesome Roman-style shield. I think this would be a neat addition to someone's Horus Heresy collection. Finally, we also have some support for the Space Wolves as Russ gets his Wolves.

The Wolf-Kin Of Russ

Not a bad selection of pieces for you to get excited about. I must say the Wolf-Kin and Mighty Zug have my vote and they aren't connected really so I'm just hit by shiny syndrome!

The Hobbit

If you're a fan of Middle-Earth gaming then you might want to considering looking to The Hobbit and what Forge World have planned in that department.

Iron Hills Dwarf Command

The Iron Hills Dwarf Command are leading the way for the Dwarves in the world of The Hobbit and will be a nice addition to their existing set of infantry. It's neat that they don't have a regular fabric banner, it makes much more sense to have something sturdy as a Dwarf!

In terms of enemies, a pair of Gundabad Ogres are on the cards...

Gundabad Ogre

You will recognise these creatures from the fight that happened in Dale as Bard was battling against the Orcs to try and save his children.

Gundabad Ogre (Alt)

This second one is my favourite of the pair as I think the facial features come across better and give it less of a human appearance. I like my monsters to look like monsters!

What will you be picking up in the near future from Forge World?

"Finally, we also have some support for the Space Wolves as Russ gets his Wolves..."

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