Forge World Heresy Era Guardsmen Coming Soon!

September 23, 2014 by brennon

Forge World have been teasing the coming of a new faction to the Horus Heresy fighting and soon we'll be seeing the Solar Auxilia, Heresy era Guardsmen, taking to the battlefield. These soldiers look tough as old boots...

Solar Auxilia & Vehicle

This painted version of both their upcoming tank and infantry appeared on their bulletin yesterday. The force is called the Solar Auxilia and they look incredibly sci-fi compared to their modern compatriots in the 41st Millennium. Thankfully a few more shots have appeared on the internet showing off what the rest of them are going to look like too.

Solar Auxilia Miniatures

Solar Auxilia Render #1

Solar Auxilia Render #2

Solar Auxilia Tank

Solar Auxilia Concepts

As you can see their look is a lot more high sci-fi than the grim dark and almost basic look we've come to expect from the Imperial Guard, and that's not just Cadians we're talking about either. The look brings them in line with the design and aesthetic of the existing Space Marines from this period and then gives them a dose of steampunk-like character to make them look more industrial and down to earth.

I'm a big fan of these and certainly something I'd like to see more of. If you look at the concept art you'll see that there are plenty of colours for plenty of different regiments and armies so you're imagination can almost go wild it appears. Let's hope we see some cool variations on the kit too from planet to planet.

It reminds me a lot of how cool the Clone Troopers looked when compared to their 'original' Storm Trooper variants that we'd all been used to seeing. What's also quite cool is that they're more in line with a lot of other sci-fi ranges out there including companies like Anvil so you might be in with a shout of mixing two collections into one!

Thanks to number32 for the heads up!

Are you interested in seeing more on the Solar Auxilia?

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