The Iron Hands Legion Drafts In Its Gorgon Terminators

July 19, 2014 by brennon

Forge World have some more Terminators for you to pick up and this time they are from the Iron Hands Legion. See what you think of these brutal looking Gorgon Terminators...

Gorgon Terminators (Painted)Gorgon Terminators (Unpainted)The Gorgon Terminators come with prototype armour that is bonded to the wearer and come with weapons for close combat. Axes, Hammers and of course the mandatory Bolter weapon for hosing down your foes with explosive ammunition. Some very cool looking Terminators for sure.

Do you collect an army from this period of history in Warhammer 40,000? I can't say that I've actually seen that many full Heresy armies away from those on display from Forge World themselves.

Are these the Terminators for you?

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