Knight Errant Tylos Rubio Hits The Battlefield From Forge World

June 24, 2016 by brennon

Forge World have added a Knight Errant to their collection for those of you who want to be gleaming beacons of hope within the Horus Heresy. The newest character is Tylos Rubio, a powerful psyker and masterful user of his force sword too...

Tylos Rubio"Tylos Rubio, erstwhile Librarian of the Legiones Astartes Ultramarines, was the first to be recruited into the Knights-Errant by Nathaniel Garro, who upon the Sigillite’s order travelled across the entire Imperium to reach Calth at the very moment of the Word Bearers’ betrayal of the Calth Conjunction."

Tylos Rubio (Details)

"Upon joining the Knights- Errant, Tylos Rubio renounced not just his Legion, but the Edict of Nikaea, donning a psychic hood and taking up his force sword once more. In the battles to come, the ability to predict and counter the powers of the Warp would prove as valuable to the Sigillite’s cause as a thousand boltguns."

While effectively quite a simple model when you look at it I think he has quite the commanding presence on the tabeltop. I really like the armour design and his Force Sword looks exceptionally epic.

Knights Together

Additionally you can also pick up the Knights-Errant Bundle which comes with both Tylos Rubio and Nathaniel Garro.

Nathaniel Garro & Tylos Rubio

So, if you're looking to try and make a pair of Sci-Fi powerhouses which would be fun to narrative games as they wade their way through chaos forces this could be a neat set.

Would you like to see these warriors on your painting table?

"I really like the armour design and his Force Sword looks exceptionally epic..."

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