Take A Peek At The New Forge World Stuff At Warhammer World

May 16, 2015 by brennon

This weekend is Warhammer World's Grand Re-Opening so Games Workshop and Forge World are supplying quite the range of new stuff for you to check out. Here's some we've spotted on the internet so far...

Primarch & Captains

The first two models to take a look at are Roboute Guilliman and Sigismund for the Ultramarines and Black Templars respectively. You can see them below...

Roboute Guilliman


I think they're both looking fairly epic and while the Ultramarine Primarch is strutting his stuff I would have to say that Sigismund is quite the hero there as the First Captain. He might not be a Primarch but he rocks a lot more I'd say.

The colour scheme they've chosen for Roboute is decidedly better than it was looking before hand with the deeper blue making for a much richer model as a whole.

Knights & Titans

On the slightly larger side of things we have a rather impressive looking Chaos Knight Kit, a Conversion Kit for the Lord of Skulls and of course the main attraction, a Warlord Titan.

Chaos Knight

Lord of Skulls

Warlord Titan

Another impressive collection of Epic walkers (sadly not IN Epic as it were) that would sit in pride of place on many a tabletop. I think it's really awesome to see that Forge World did what they did with the Lord of Skulls too.

We'll hopefully have more for you as things develop during the weekend!

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