The Solar Auxilia From Forge World Coming To Warhammer Fest

October 8, 2014 by brennon

The Solar Auxilia that we've seen teaser pictures of over the past few weeks and months will soon be on tabletops thanks to their release at Warhammer Fest this coming weekend by Forge World...

Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Section

Solar Auxilia Dracosan Armoured Transport

Solar Auxilia Basilisk

Solar Auxilia Medusa

Solar Auxilia Tank Crew

So as you can see they're pushing the boat out when it comes to both infantry and armour at Warhammer Fest. No news on HQ units and the like yet but the infantry is looking rather spiffing and the tanks too. I can see a fair few people with the extra cash to spend diving into this range of Imperial Guardsmen.

Questoris Knight Styrix

Vorax Battle Automata

If big machinery is more your thing then you could always pick up the Questoris Knight Styrix for your growing Imperial Knight army or the Vorax Battle-Automata that will no doubt find their way into armies other than Games Workshop ones. The Battle-Automata in particular are so very different to other things we've seen I didn't immediately think they were part of the range.

What will take your fancy at Warhammer Fest?

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