Transport the Forces of the Mechanicum in Forge World’s Triaros!

September 12, 2014 by dracs

Forge World have come out with a new vehicle, the primary armoured transport vehicle of the Tech-Priests of Mars. It's time to ride to war in high tech style in the Triaros Armoured Conveyor!

Triaros Armoured Conveyor


The transport of choice for the Mechanicum Tagmata throughout the battles of the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, the Trios is an all terrain transport vehicle. Armed with independently animated weapons servitors and protected by thick armour, layered techno-cant wardings and energy shields, it will take a lot for the enemy to break through to the troops it carries.

Triaros Scale

Triaros Armoured Conveyor Side

Triaros Armoured Conveyor Back

Forge World have created a unique look with this vehicle, explained as the Mechanicum apparently rejecting the usual STC designs and instead giving their vehicle a whole bunch of other technical goodies they don't share with the rest of the Imperium. It reminds me very much of a steam train, and that is always a good design choice in my books.

Are you going to hitch a lift in this Mechanicum transport?

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