Upgrade Kits & Shoulder Pads New From Forge World!

January 2, 2015 by brennon

Forge World start customising your Imperial Fists with a whole range of upgrade kits for you to play around with. The first of these are the Templar Brethren and Phalanx Warder Squad Upgrade Kits...

Imperial Fist Templar Brethren

Imperial Fist Phalanx Warders

I should point out that the full miniatures aren't available and what you get in the packs is the shields, heads, shoulder pads and weapons (alongside a few additional bits and pieces) for converting your Imperial Fists into ultimate bad asses. I really like the look of the Templar Brethren and the stark contrast between yellow and black in the painting above makes them all the cooler.

Imperial Fist MK II Shoulder Pads

Imperial Fist MK III Shoulder Pads

Imperial Fist MK IV Shoulder Pads

As well as the upgrade kits there is a range of shoulder pads to help add to your Imperial Fists and they're arranged (as above) as MK II, MK III and MK IV sets to get it set for the right time period of choice.

Are you a mega Imperial Fist fan?

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