It’s Games Day UK 2012 This Weekend!

September 22, 2012 by brennon

As most of you will know, it's Games Day UK this weekend. Tomorrow Games Workshops biggest event takes place showing off new models, allows you to play plenty of games, and they even having a selection of other companies showing off Games Workshop related content.

Games Day UK 2012

As mentioned above, Games Workshop will most likely be showing off the new models for the Chaos Space Marines but there will also be plenty of action from both Golden Demon, Armies on Parade and a variety of other different sources. One of the big ones, for me at least will be heading over to the Black Library area and checking out what's on offer, as well as grabbing some signatures!

Black Library

Obviously Forge World is also going to be there showing off Book I of the Horus Heresy collection. You've seen some of the miniatures so far this week, but let's not forget Warhammer Forge as well which will also be showing off a nice amount of fun.

Forge World Horus Heresy Sourcebook

Other companies that are going to be present are Fantasy Flight Games showing off their new Warhammer 40,000 version of Talisman, Relics. Here's hoping they have some more goodies like Blood Bowl: Team Manager and Chaos in the Old World there too.

Rodeo Games are also going to be present showing off their Warhammer Quest iOS game, so I will be checking that out for certain.

If you can't make it tomorrow check out our Twitter Feed that will be going all day while I post pictures and other information. I'll even have a round-up of the day later on in the evening letting you know about my experience.

BoW Games Day Twitter Feed

If you can't be there, or if you will be milling with the crowd then make sure you have a good weekend!

See you there!

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