Games Workshop Give First Glimpse Of White Dwarf #1

January 20, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop just put up a blog post about the impending change to White Dwarf Magazine. Over on their What's New Today section of the website we got our first glimpse of the 'new' White Dwarf #1

White Dwarf #1

As you can see it seems to have the same cover lay out as the White Dwarf we've seen before and offers a titular teaser towards what's inside. 'Monstrous Invasion' would be my guess with what I'd assume is some kind of runic standard on the over. I might be hoping a little too much though.

They also put up information about Warhammer Visions and showed off how thick it is actually looking as a tome of imagery. They also offer up some answers to those of you thinking about your subscriptions and the like.

Will you be getting Issue #1...err, again?

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