GW Watch: The Day Everything Changed?

January 23, 2014 by warzan

Being a fan of the largest gaming company in the history of little plastic men, can be a very time consuming thing, perhaps even all encompassing! So excuse me while I indulge this little obsession once again 😉

Today maybe (and I stress maybe) the day everything changed at Games Workshop. Sure we can dig away at rumors and speculation, but sometimes the signs that something is changing are in plain sight. They can be very slight, but if you know what you're looking for…

For any of the ‘Marketers’ out there among you (and by that I mean everyone as we’re all bedroom marketers at the end of the day) there was an interesting shift in today's email from Games Workshop.

Let me show you…

That right there I believe is a shift in pattern for GW, of course I’m happy to be proved wrong on this, but I have dug through some past emails and generally don’t see any emphasis on price.

To have two statements of ‘Value’ connected directly to price in this email, surprised me… because that's not how Games Workshop roll.

The company doesn't have a marketing department, but even so have been very careful 'Marketers' over the years, and have always pegged their ‘Value’ on other aspects such as design and intellectual property, but never price.

Rightly so as arguably the best miniature producer in the world (I only put arguably in there as someone will no doubt want to argue with me about that!) they had oodles of strengths to attach the value of their brand to , in fact everything but price.

So for a company that wanted to be seen as a luxury brand, attaching any value to price is a highly risky move if not handled correctly.

Case in point, is you are unlikely to see ‘Only $500!’ or ‘One Fantastic Price!’ ever uttered on official Apple promotional materials.

Because for Apple products they attach the value to the ‘unique’ things about an Apple product, things you cannot realistically debate.

Is £105 really a ‘fantastic’ price for a Tyranid swarm… well i would say that is highly debatable (even for Beasts of War who ‘Never Mention Price!’)

So what are we seeing?

1) Someone new taking over the newsletters who doesn't understand the ‘value’ proposition within GW, in which case this is likely to be a one off.

2) GW are perhaps running out of ideas a little and are resorting to tried and tested sales speak to see if it has any positive effect on their Conversion Rate.

3) Perhaps this is part of something more thought out, where the language of ‘price’ is starting to become more important to them. (Perhaps part of The Chairman's (And CEO too now lets not forget!) strategy to sell harder!)

As someone who's been involved in marketing for ‘quite a while’ now, it doesn't sit well for me. To be in a position where your whole value conversation shifts from look at these exquisite models you will find no where else on earth, to look at the cost of these models ‘it’s ONLY!’ blah blah … is a road most wouldn't ever want to venture down.

So is it a blip, am I doing the kooky blogger thing of seeing a mountain where there is a mole hill, we’ll that’s what the comments section below is for…

… you tell me!

" you are unlikely to see ‘Only $500!’ or ‘One Fantastic Price!’ ever uttered on official Apple promotional materials"

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