New Hive War Starter Set Coming To Necromunda This Week

May 3, 2021 by brennon

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The new Hive War Starter Set is coming up for pre-order this weekend for those thinking about diving into Necromunda. Games Workshop will be offering you the chance to play as House Delaque or House Escher in a Sci-Fi war for the Underhive.

Necromunda Hive War May - Games Workshop

Necromunda: Hive War // Games Workshop

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The set comes with ten miniatures per side to use in your gang and then all of the extra gubbins that you require for playing Necromunda. Do you go with the intoxicated House Escher with their cocktails or combat drugs or do you play around as the mysterious House Delaque? Each ganger can be armed with a myriad of different weapons so there is plenty to mix and match with this set.

Necromunda Hive War Contents May - Games Workshop

Necromunda: Hive War Contents // Games Workshop

As well as the miniatures, the set also comes with some hefty sections of terrain which can be assembled in a variety of ways. Use them with the gaming mat to create the labyrinthine expanse of the Underhive and get your characters stuck into awkward ambushes.

The softback rulebook is also a great starting point for those diving into Necromunda. It introduces the concepts and world of Necromunda plus rules for making your gang. You'll also find loads of scenarios for you to play out so you can start diving into long-running campaigns.

Upgrade Your Gangers

As well as the new Hive War set, the folks at Games Workshop are also working on a couple of upgrade kits that you can snap up for House Escher or House Goliath.

Escher Upgrade Set - Necromunda

Escher Upgrade Set // Necromunda

So, if you're missing a particular set of weapons or you want to just have more of x included in your gang then you will soon be able to snap these up. As mentioned above, there are options for both House Escher and House Goliath, packed with weapons and alternative head options.

Goliath Upgrade Set - Necromunda

Goliath Upgrade Set // Necromunda

If you're into your kit-bashing then I could see these working very well. Admittedly, you'd need some bodies left over from the other kits but I like the idea of buying these for (hopefully) less money so you can do some tweaking.

Are you tempted to dive into Necromunda with this new starter set?

"You'll also find loads of scenarios for you to play out so you can start diving into long-running campaigns..."

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