Kirby Stepping Down As GW CEO With Interesting Preamble?

July 28, 2014 by warzan

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Update: Today, Games Workshop announces the release of the 2014 annual report for the year ended 1 June 2014.Β  The press release can be downloaded as a pdf here.

Tom Kirby, the current Chairman and Acting CEO of Games Workshop is stepping down from his position as announced in a Chairman's Preamble that was issued today. And it wouldn't be Tom Kirby if he didn't do it with his usual shoot from the hip style of 'no bullsh1t' corporate reporting. See what you think of it HERE...

GW LogoThe preamble seems to paint a rather bleak picture as the annual report is coming up soon. It does however go on to address some of the issues we know Games Workshop are having with protecting Intellectual Property from other businesses in this new age (a Golden Age?) and on top of that we get what their insight is on future technology such as 3D printers etc.


Above is a little snippet of the report and should give you a taster of what we should expect over the next few days. It will be interesting to see what the numbers are like come the full report and while I'm sure it will be reported that there is a sense of bitterness in the preamble, I'm not so sure...

Tom has worked very hard, and built quite an outstanding company at a time, but that takes a toll, and I think he's just ready to hang up his hat. He was never one for mincing his words so I'm not surprised by the 'almost reckless' tone of the preamble... Tom was very much his own man.

But times change and people change, and it's clear that for all their success in turning around the technical and operational aspects of the business, under Tom's current leadership, they still haven't really grasped what needs to change.

We will have to wait for the report now, but Tom if your reading thanks for everything you have accomplished, and if I may pay a little tribute to your own no nonsense communications approach... Good Riddance! πŸ˜‰

Joking aside, we'd like to wish Tom and his family the best and may he have a long and happy retirement.

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