Marshal The Shire With New Forge World Shirriffs

September 8, 2019 by brennon

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Head out to patrol The Shire with some new additions to the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game from Forge World this week. Here we have the angry-looking Holfoot Bracegirdle & Robin Smallburrow.

Holfoot Bracegirdle & Robin Smallburrow - Forge World

You do not want to be messing around with these fellows when they are on the hunt. Both experienced Shirriffs, they know The Shire like the back of their collective hands and are going to be keeping vagabonds and nasty creatures away from its peaceful borders.

Holfoot Bracegirdle & Robin Smallburrow (Details) - Forge World

Holfoot is a well-travelled member of the Shirriffs and he has risen to the post of leader over the years. He now oversees the peace and whilst he is able to swing a club like the best of them he never thought he would have to fight for his home.

Robin, or 'Cock-Robin' to his friends, is friendly and easily influenced. Whilst he was called upon to arrest his friends when Sharkey and his ruffians came to The Shire he was called to action against the interlopers when Frodo and his companions returned from their adventures.

Are you going to be adding them to your collection?

"Are you going to be adding them to your collection?"

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