Masterful Monsters & Undivided Warriors Coming To Age Of Sigmar

November 4, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been showing off some fancy new previews for the world of Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar and Warcry, their skirmish game, over the weekend. Leading the way we're going to be talking monsters for Warcry!

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As you can see, there are two new very fun monsters coming our way. Both of these will be creatures you'll be able to clash with on the tabletop in hunts before perhaps even bringing them into the fold to fight alongside your warband. First up we have the Ogroid Myrmidon.

Ogroid Myrmidon - Age Of Sigmar

This hulking warrior is a bit of an upgrade from the Ogroid Thaumaturge we saw showing up in Silver Tower. I love the amount of freedom that Warcry has given them to explore all sorts of different sculpting ideas and twisted monsters. It's like the old days of Warhammer Forge and the creatures we used to see popping up from Forge World. And now, they're in plastic which is even better.

Following on from that and keeping with the creative note we've got the Mindstealer Sphiranx here which looks like a cat which is very much not impressed with the choice of food you've put out for it.

Mindstealer Sphiranx - Age Of Sigmar

As you might have guessed from the name it has some hauntingly telepathic and hypnotic powers which will make your warriors do all kinds of funny things no doubt. These are the two new monsters we saw from the previews who will be joining the Fomoroid Crusher in Warcry next year.

Fomoroid Crusher - Age Of Sigmar

Again, I am very impressed with the modelling we're seeing from these folks and it really does open up lots of opportunities for not just Warcry but Age Of Sigmar proper too. Also, with the Age Of Sigmar Roleplaying Game around the corner, this certainly has me thinking about how on earth we might tackle these creatures in dungeon-delving adventures!

Heavy Metal Warriors

Cue the heavy metal, get ready to start moshing and dive into some new plastic miniatures for the Slaves To Darkness. It's really good to finally see the forces of Chaos Undivided getting a bit of love! At the head of this new wave of releases for Chaos, we have the updated Chaos Warriors.

Chaos Warriors - Age Of Sigmar

The models look familiar to their older counterparts but with a lot more movement and dynamism in their poses. The classic look of clanking warriors in plate with big fur-trimmed cloaks and helms which hide their dark purpose is a staple of what makes Warhammer and it is very cool to see them getting an update.

On some of the models you can actually see the eyes glaring from beneath their helms but I think I'd just make them black and featureless, capturing the look of an unyielding and uncaring warrior. These are very cool and match the way I imagined Chaos Warriors to move and fight when I saw the artwork in old rulebooks.

Talking of getting dynamic new miniatures, we also have these updates for the classic Chaos Knight. Now we're seeing a new range of warriors charging forward atop their nightmare steeds.

Chaos Knights - Age Of Sigmar

Now, whilst I did like the way they've upgraded the Chaos Warriors the Chaos Knights might look a bit too busy for some. I like the sweeping capes, trampling hooves and such but there's something a bit more RuneWars in their design perhaps? It would have been nice to have them be as spartan looking as their on-foot counterparts.

Finally, and also at the head of a new Start Collecting box, we have the Chaos Lord mounted atop a strange beast from the darkness of the Realm Of Chaos.

Chaos Lord - Age Of Sigmar

He is ready to storm into the realms controlled by Sigmar and bring ruin to all in his wake. I like the choice of white as the contrast here between the beast and his ride in black armour but it would be really fun to see that creature painted up in all sorts of different ways too. Imagine him in purple or green instead!

As mentioned above, this range of models comes as part of a new Start Collecting Set which will be released soon alongside a new Battletome.

There is a lot to look forward to if you're a big fan of Chaos and perhaps bringing the different factions together under one banner. I always loved playing Undivided more than focusing on one particular God as I thought the army just looked better. Now we just need some proper new Marauders!

What do you make of the new previews?

"Now we just need some proper new Marauders!"

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