What will you be doing at Midnight Tonight?

January 27, 2012 by warzan

UPDATE 1:09am: So things are either running late or we were wrong, perhaps we will find out soon enough...

Further to our news on the 6th Edition Heresy Rulebook yesterday… today we can bring you another little bit of possible insider news from the mighty GW Citadel!

So, what will you be doing at midnight tonight? (GMT We Suspect!)

Well I’ll tell you what you should be doing… hovering your finger over this button that's what!!...

Games Workshop Announcement Link

That’s right, our GW spidey sense has told us that tonight is the night when there could be a big and brand new 'something' from the mighty Workshop.

Beasts of War will be waiting with baited breath to see what will turn up. After the announcement, some of us will be in the BOW Chat (down there in the bottom right hand corner of your screen) to chat and gossip about the latest 'something'.

But what could the new 'something' be… perhaps one of these…

  • Games Workshop are getting those long overlooked Tau ready for their Codex!
  • Those cool Necron jetbikes and that monstrous death ray are ready for release…
  • Games Workshop has a certain group of Dwarves, an Old Grey Wizard and a bloke from The Office to show us… that of course would be elementary! 😉
  • Games Workshop are finally launching a model of the Emperor… and it looks like Tom Kirby!
  • All of the Vampire Count models are being recalled because they heard we’re doing a Vampires Week and mentioned Mantic Zombies are better…
  • Games Workshop has finally seen sense and will be releasing Fishmen!
  • [ED NOTE] Or it could be a hoax or we've buggered up our 'interpretation' which will be a bit embarrassing to say the least 🙂

I know which one I want, but what do you think… what would you like to see?

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