Ogors, Free Cities & Orruk Clans Wage War In Age Of Sigmar

July 22, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop held their Age Of Sigmar Open Day over the weekend and it included some cool reveals for those wargaming in the Mortal Realms. First up we have the announcement of two new Battletomes.

Cities Of Sigmar - Games Workshop

The first of these is focused around the return of sashes and slashes in the form of Cities Of Sigmar. Whilst many of these sub-factions of Order have only had small lists up until this point, this book looks to revisit them in much more detail with full-on special rules that will focus in on the background that we've seen develop for them in Age Of Sigmar.

Some of the old models will be going away forever but others will remain and it looks like we're also going to be seeing some new models getting thrown into the mix too. This doesn't just cover the old 'Empire' soldiers either. Duardin, Aelves and Humans of all kinds are going to be getting a new lease of life with this book.

Savage Power

As well as the Cities Of Sigmar now banding together into an army ready to hold back the tide, the Orruk Warclans are massing, ready for battle.

Orruk Warclans - Games Workshop

This new Battletome combines together the Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz for the first time into one place. As well as that it focuses in on developing their allegiances with more special powers and tweaks to fit in with the background. Plus, it also ties all Orruks into one with The Great Waaagh! list which combines the sturdy might and natural ferocity of both clans into one unstoppable horde.

A New Chief!

Fans of Destruction were also made very happy with the announcement of a new model for Ogor warbands. Here we have their new Tyrant.

Ogor Tyrant

Gorkamorka welcomes another leader and race into their ranks. There is a lot of the original Ogres about this model but with plenty of nods towards the new style. I think this is an awesome reaving warlord type who would be an absolute joy to paint!

Here's hoping that he gets to join in the fun alongside a few more new Ogors in the near future.

Something Stirs In The Darkness...

As well as the new books and new models it looks like the story of Age Of Sigmar is moving forward once again. The Tithe: Part One - Necropolis was the first teaser video hinting to some great power growing in the Realm Of Death.

The accent for this character is very interesting, drawing on different influences for the background. This is clearly a mighty leader talking here, but not Nagash. I am interested to see where this goes and what happens in the wake of the Necroquake.

Warhammer Underworlds Gets Beastly

Warhammer Underworlds is not getting forgotten in the raft of previews from Games Workshop either. As your warriors escaped the Nightvault they now find themselves embroiled in the brutality of the Beastgrave.

One assumes from the images we've seen in the video that we're going to get a couple of new warbands going at it. We'd hazard a guess at Beastmen and a band of Aelves which mirror the Wood Elves from the Old World and their constant quest to rid the woods of Athel Loren of the foul creatures.

A New Battlefield

Some of you might have noticed that folks are talking about a little game called Warcry too. Well, a new Ravaged Lands set is on the way too called Shattered Stormvault.

Shattered Stormvault - Games Workshop

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This sets gives you another awesome battlefield to play your games of Warcry on. It comes packed with terrain which is filled with echoes of a once sacred place, now ransacked and defiled by Chaos. Finding such prizes as the Stormvaults held secret would surely make an excellent gift for the Everchosen wouldn't it?

What caught your eye from the new Age Of Sigmar previews?

"The first of these is focused around the return of sashes and slashes in the form of Cities Of Sigmar..."

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