Games Workshop Reveals From AdeptiCon – Idoneth Deepkin, Sisters Of Battle & More

March 22, 2018 by brennon

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Games Workshop revealed a lot of awesome stuff at AdeptiCon last night. You can check out Dawn & John's reactions to it all over on the AdeptiCon Live Blog but we've also collected together the trailers and more below.

The first reveal was the expansion of units and more for the Knight Households of the Warhammer 40,000 world. We saw some additional models for this faction as part of Forgebane but there's plenty more where that came from apparently.

As well as that, we also got to hear some neat news about what they have planned in the far future (where there is only war of course). We are getting Plastic Sisters Of Battle in 2019!

This is great news and certainly will make a lot of people happy. I've always liked the idea of doing a Sisters Of Battle force and been held off by the extraordinary cost of it all, so this could well be the push I need to actually get into Warhammer 40,000. Well, once I've painted that Daemon army I promised I'd do last year.

You will also be able to make armies a lot easier than before thanks to work going into the Warhammer 40,000 Combat Roster.

This will be a fancy app which will help you build your armies before a battle and make sure everything is ship shape!

The Next Codexes

As well as the news about all these new bits and bobs there was also the reveal of the next three Codexes for Warhammer 40,000.

New Codexes - Warhammer 40,000

Sam will no doubt be happy to see that the Harlequins will be getting themselves a proper Codex, which might also mean some additional models for the range perhaps. The Imperial forces also get their oar in with Imperial Knights, as discussed above, and the Deathwatch too.

Age Of Sigmar - Idoneth Deepkin!

We also got a proper look at the newest army to arrive for Age Of Sigmar. This is the reveal of the new models for the Idoneth Deepkin!

They are looking rather awesome indeed, a race of Aelfs who saw the unmaking of the world and are now emerging from their oceanic realm to do battle in the Mortal Realms.

Idoneth Deepkin #1 - Age Of Sigmar

The models really have captured a lot of people's imagination and show off a race of very dangerous looking Aelfs. The range as a whole has a wonderful aesthetic which not only adds to the new-look Aelfs but also throws in some dangerous looking creatures too.

Idoneth Deepkin #2 - Age Of Sigmar

Now, whilst I do like the look of these creatures, it is strange seeing them above the water, floating in the air as they are. I would imagine some magic is giving them this ability, but it does seem very strange for a water-based faction.

Idoneth Deepkin #4 - Age Of Sigmar

The big model that caught my attention though was the main character who appears to be the one leading these forces in their new campaigns.

Idoneth Deepkin #3 - Age Of Sigmar

Now that is impressive. Considering what they've done recently with Morathi it's nice to see the other Aelfs getting the same treatment. Again, it really does draw on the idea that this army has come up from the depths of the ocean. There is a distinct level of Ancient Greek running through the force as well, harking back to the idea of Poseidon and such.

Elsewhere in the Mortal Realms things are going dangerously wrong with the threat of rampant magics...

...and something else growing and forming in the Realm Of Death.

Things are certainly starting to develop within the narrative of Age Of Sigmar with plenty of stories to tell and many different ways to get involved too.

Warhammer Legends & Event Miniatures

As well as all of this news, there was the announcement of Warhammer Legends miniatures. These are Old World miniatures, not designed for Matched Play, which can be dropped into Age Of Sigmar.

Warhammer Legends

The first set of Made To Order miniatures will focus on the Dark Elves, to help you expand on that force of Idoneth Deepkin you've just decided to buy. They will then be providing rules and more for additional characters in the future so watch out to see what they do.

Finally, we also had news about their expansion towards Event Exclusive miniatures and they previewed this one at AdeptiCon.

Adepticon Preview - Event Miniature

They are planning to make it a special occasion to go to your favourite events and if Games Workshop is there, the chances are that you can pick up something special when you come along.

Right, digest all that and tell us what you think in the comments...

"We also got a proper look at the newest army to arrive for Age Of Sigmar!"

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