Seraphon & More Armies Return To Age Of Sigmar This Weekend

March 2, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been looking towards the release of more goodies for the Age Of Sigmar. This time around the Seraphon are the lucky army who get themselves a new Battletome, some new terrain and a new Start Collecting Set as well.

Seraphon Battletome - Age Of Sigmar

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This Battletome continues to build on the Seraphon within the world of the Mortal Realms. You'll get to uncover more mysteries about their background and as Games Workshop has said, if "they are funky space ghosts or even funkier reptilian people". They are certainly one of the most unique and different armies within the Mortal Realms, albeit basically unchanged from their time in the Old World. However, if anyone was going to make it out of the grip of Chaos, it was going to be the Lizardmen.

As with all other Battletomes, the focus will be on giving you loads of options in-game but also background and lore too. I am fascinated to find out about the different factions within the Seraphon and how they approach their dispatch of Chaos forces in a myriad of ways.

Power The Realmshaper Engine

As well as the new Battletome, the re-release of the Seraphon also brings with it a new terrain piece. Here we have the Realmshaper Engine which is a nexus of power on the tabletop.

Seraphon Pyramid - Age Of Sigmar

This particular terrain piece has the ability to reshape reality to suit the needs of the Seraphon. You can therefore then turn terrain into deadly traps which your enemies can fall into. You can also stick a Wizard or a Priest atop it in order to activate the device that whirs at its summit. That way you'll be able to summon up the power of nearby terrain and crush your enemies as they seek cover from your blades and bows.

The piece looks rather cool indeed and I think that it would be a nice way to add some more Seraphon colour to the tabletop. Themed terrain is always a nice way to make it look as if your army is fighting on home turf.

Get Started

As well as the new terrain piece there is also a new Start Collecting Set. This box invites you to snap up a Skink-based force with skirmishing options aplenty.

Start Collecting Skinks - Age Of Sigmar

The set comes with a Skink Starpriest who will be summoning magical power to the battlefield plus a band of Skinks who will be looking to protect their master. You've also got the Terradon Riders who are swooping down to harry your enemy from above and then finally a Bastiladon which will allow you to harness the winds of magic and also throw a big 'tank' into the mix.

Away from the Seraphon, you also have the option to pick up two alternative Start Collecting armies too. The ancient Dark Elves of Warhammer Fantasy are remade as bloodthirsty killers under the command of Morathi as part of a Daughters Of Khaine set.

Start Collection Daughters Of Khaine - Age Of Sigmar

In this set, you get a rather elite fighting force. You get five Melusai Blood Stalkers and a Bloodwrack Shrine. The Bloodwrack Shrine can be assembled in a range of different ways which unlocks a multitude of options. You can make it as a Cauldron of Blood which includes a Hag Queen, Slaughter Queen, Avatar Of Khaine and the Bloodwrack Medusa. So, there are many ways to build the war machine and some sideline characters too.

It might look like the set doesn't contain much, but it does give you the core of a good themed force which can then be bolstered by smaller sets of Battleline troops.

Finally, we have the Gloomspite Gitz who are going to be scampering out from their caves in search of loot to pillage.

Start Collecting Gloomspite Gitz - Age Of Sigmar

This set comes with the rather awesome looking Loonboss at their head, helmeted in that moon-shaped helm. He is then supported by a band of Squigs and their Herders plus the massive new Rockgut Troggoths who are a significant upgrade to the traditional Rock Trolls from Warhammer Fantasy.

Much like with the Seraphon we looked at earlier, the Gloomspite Gitz allow you to play around with all manner of fun paint schemes. You could go wild with Contrast paints and regular options too, letting your imagination run amok, much like the Gitz themselves.

Are you going to be picking up these new releases next weekend?

"Are you going to be picking up these new releases next weekend?"

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