White Dwarf Turns Forty With Celebratory Miniatures!

April 27, 2017 by brennon

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Started back in 1977 White Dwarf has gone through some pretty big changes and now marks its 40th Anniversary. With that in mind Games Workshop are celebrating with a special new Grombrindal miniature!

Celebratory White Dwarf

The new White Dwarf will be looking back at the past forty years as well as looking ahead to what's coming for Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl and of course Warhammer 40,000. There's also this miniature of Grombrindal to snap up in his Mk XXXXXX power armour.

Celebration White Dwarf

You can pre-order him this weekend and I imagine he's going to go quite quickly. Since the Squats have gone the way of the dodo this might be a close as you get to Sci-Fi Dwarfs from Games Workshop now. It also seems fitting considering this year is also the start of a big change for Warhammer 40,000.

Forge World's Grombrindal

The team at Forge World are also marking the occasion with a new version of Grombrindal in his Blood Bowl kit facing off against the Black Gobbo, his archnemesis.

Black Gobbo & Grombrindal

Rules for this pair will be in the May issue of White Dwarf and you'll be able to snap them up at Warhammer Fest later in the month. I think this pair looks fantastic, especially the wild hair of Grombrindal! That must take a lot of product (or grease) to stay up.

I wonder if he gets a sponsorship deal?

What do you think of these new Grombrindal miniatures?

"There's also this miniature of Grombrindal to snap up in his Mk XXXXXX power armour..."

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