BoW Awards 2014: Fantasy Game & Accessory

January 2, 2015 by lloyd

Beasts of War 2014 Gaming Awards: Show 2

Welcome to the next part of the Beasts of War Awards 2014! This time around we're going to be talking about the categories of Fantasy Game and Accessory of this year and what enters the final four for each!

In terms of Fantasy gaming it's great to see a huge resurgence in the support for the likes of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and of course Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition to name just two of the nominations.

The Accessories category is also a great one that we think is a core part of our hobby. Not only terrain but tools for us hobbyists have been chosen by you as the community to deserve praise.

Tune in on the days below at 18:00/6pm GMT to watch each of our nomination shows to find out the finalists and then the results show on Sunday 4th of January 2015...

1st January - Sculpt, Painting & Sci-Fi

2nd January - Fantasy & Accessory

3rd January - Pulp, Punk, Horror Or Weird & Historical

4th January - Finals Night!

Talk about the awesome nominations below!

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