Beasts of War 2014 Gaming Awards: Finals Night

January 4, 2015 by Justin

Beasts of War 2014 Gaming Awards: Finals Night

So it all comes down to this! Welcome to the Finals Night where we're going to be running through each of the categories and their finalists then announcing the true winners of the Beasts of War Awards 2014!

This has been an awesome project for us to work on at Beasts of War and it literally would not have been possible without the help of you as a community. You answered the survey, you gave us the nominations, you narrowed down the finalists!

These are your choices as a community and we hope that you've enjoyed each of these shows working up to tonight. Hopefully YOUR choice made it all the way to winning the big prize!

Tune in on the days below at 18:00/6pm GMT to watch each of our nomination shows to find out the finalists and then the results show on Sunday 4th of January 2015...

1st January - Sculpt, Painting & Sci-Fi

2nd January - Fantasy & Accessory

3rd January - Pulp, Punk, Horror Or Weird & Historical

4th January - Finals Night!

Talk about the awesome nominations below!

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