Check Out Awesome New Sci-Fi Show Almost Human

November 20, 2013 by brennon

If you were a fan of films like iRobot and love the idea of some Near-Future crime solving then you really need to check out Almost Human which began over in America this week.

Almost Human

Almost Human Team

Almost Human sees a future where human police officers are teamed up with androids while they protect and serve. Driven by logic and a hard-wired AI they don't go down to well with Karl Urban's character, John Kennex. That is until he reactivates an older model android by the name of Dorian and together set out to bring down the group that maimed him and left him with a synthetic leg.

The show is pretty awesome and I've watched the pilot and the first episode. If you love Cyber-Punk and subtle but awesome effects that build a very believable world then you should be loving this show. The little nod like the lights flickering under Dorian's skin as he processes information is awesome every time.

It looks like Karl Urban is becoming a bit of a geek house hold name with Dredd, Star Trek and of course Lord of the Rings under his belt and he certainly adds the grit to proceedings. That's not to say it isn't funny either, it actually got a few laugh out loud moments from me in the second episode.

I seriously suggest checking this out.

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