Have Your Say On The Great Wargaming Survey

July 2, 2014 by brennon

Wargames Soldier & Strategy have put together The Great Wargaming Survey which hopes to pull together and interesting set of data on us as tabletop gamers and more. Head on over and take part and you could also be in with winning a few bits and pieces too!

Wargames Survey

The results of the survey are going to appear in a future issue of the magazine and it takes about five to ten minutes to complete. I think everyone enjoys a little survey now and then to waste a few minutes...

"At the end of this survey, you'll have the chance to enter your email address into a raffle for some very nice prizes, such as the SAGA Great Hall from 4Ground, a 1000-point Bolt Action army offered by Warlord Games, pirates from NorthStar, books from Osprey and Casemate as well as three 2-year subscriptions to either Ancient Warfare, Medieval Warfare or Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy! Moreover, as a thank-you for taking part in this survey, everyone will get a discount coupon for use on the Karwansaray Publishers website and can be used to purchase any of our books and magazines."

The survey will run throughout all of July!

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