Ragnarok Is Coming & You Could Be Part Of It!

February 20, 2014 by brennon

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Some of you might know that the apocalypse is coming this weekend. It's not from the stars as an asteroid, or an Aztec calender, this is Ragnarok. The Viking end of the world is upon us and in York the Jorvik Viking Festival is celebrating this mythological event...

Jorvik Vikings

Above are some of the chaps and chapettes who will be at the event going over sagas and telling stories, showing you how combat in the dark ages worked, crafting arms and armour, building ships and even fighting a finale battle with almost 300 participants in attendance.

This isn't normally the kind of thing we post about in here but I thought considering the time of year and the subject matter it would be ace to take the kids along to this if you have a family, especially since it's half term. Don't let that stop you either, head along with your buddies and delve into the Viking world!

If you can't make it to York in the UK then think about maybe playing an apocalyptic game on the tabletop or getting the SAGA warbands out for a scrap.

Image from Jorvik Viking Festival.

How are you preparing for Ragnarok?

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