Gale Force 9 Garb Your Terrain & Bases with Chains and Wires

July 27, 2012 by brennon

Gale Force 9 have some utterly superb pre-painted and ready to play terrain in their collection, but they also know that people love to make their own too. Well, in their latest set of releases there are a selection of different Chains, Ropes and Wires for you to add a personal touch to both bases and larger scenic areas of the board...

1) GF9 Scenics: Barbed Wire – 30mm x 6 metres (GFS101) and GF9 Scenics: Barbed Wire – 15mm x 8 metres (GFS102)
What do the battlefields of the Somme, Normandy beaches and the dark grim future all have one thing in common?

GF9 Barbed Wire

2) GF9 Scenics: Iron Chain – 1.5mm x 2 metres (GFS103)
Whether it's a steam-powered robot, a gun festooned tank, or an imprisoned beast broken free, they all would look great with chains hanging from them.

GF9 Round Chain

3) GF9 Scenics: Snake Chain – 1.5mm x 2 metres (GFS104)
Sci-fi gamers will find many uses for this product. Anything from surging power conduits, to hi-tech cables can be acheived with this stylised chain.

GF9 Snake Chain

4) GF9 Scenics: Iron Cable – 1.5mm x 2 metres (GFS105)
Tow cables on tanks, electrical wiring, and industrial cables on cranes are some of the uses for this Iron Cable

GF9 Iron Cable

5) GF9 Scenics: Three Strand Rope – 0.5mm x 2 metres (GFS106) and GF9 Scenics: Braided Rope – 0.8mm x 2 metres (GFS107)
The use of ropes dates back to prehistoric times, and is still in use today. No matter what time period your wargaming is taking place, whether it's on sea or land, you're bound to find a use for these lengths of rope..

GF9 Three Strand Rope

GF9 Braided Rope

All of these materials can be bought from the Gale Force 9 Online Store, and would be great additional materials for working with terrain. I already have a great idea for a mighty citadel covered in chains and dark iconography.

Will you be picking up any of these building materials?

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