Meet New Faces With GF9′s Firefly Adventures Expansions Arriving Soon!

January 12, 2018 by brennon

Two new Character Packs are coming to Gale Force Nine's Firefly Adventures in May/June of this year. We got a pretty awesome look ahead at what's coming with some new characters to add to your crew...

Firefly Adventures Character Packs

The Character Packs will come with two new characters each, presented with their stat cards as well as miniatures showing them in their Casual and Heroic poses. For example, in the one set, we have Inara...

Firefly Adventures - Inara

...and Shepard Book who are both looking awesome. I love that in the game they went for artwork for the characters here rather than images from the show/film.

Firefly Adventure - Shepard Book

If you prefer going for a wilder pair then you have the brother and sister combination that is Simon...

Firefly Adventures - Simon

...and River. As mentioned above the miniatures give you the two flavours for the various heroes and I think they've got some pretty awesome poses in the can for these new characters.

Firefly Adventures - River

Brigands & Browncoats, the Starter Set for the Firefly Adventures universe, is a cooperative skirmish game where you work together to try and complete jobs (sometimes without getting caught!). It is a lot of fun and a nice new take on the world of Firefly for the tabletop.

Are you tempted by these new packs?

"The Character Packs will come with two new characters each..."

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