Become a Ghost Hunter As Kickstarter Goes Live!

October 31, 2014 by dracs

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Kedric Winks, the mind behind our print-and-play Halloween board game LocaliZED, has been working on another spooky card game which has risen up to haunt Kickstarter. Dare you become a Ghost Hunter?

Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter is a card game for 2 - 7 players. Using a 60 card deck of stylish playing cards, players take on the role of ghost hunters. Using various cards and combinations, players attempt to capture ghosts which will turn up in the deck. The game ends when on player runs out of cards, and the player with the most ghosts captured wins! However, should some ghosts remain uncaptured these will count against the number of captured ones for the player who holds them.

Ghost Hunter Lay Out

The artwork for this game is particularly striking, using a faux Victorian / anime style that makes the game both eye-catching and wonderfully Gothic in appearance.

Ghost Hunter Art

To populate this haunted deck with spooks of all descriptions, Kedric has drawn on beings and encounters from across paranormal folklore, making this a game for the true ghost story connoisseur.


Residual Hauntings



Kedric is apparently planning for a whole series of Hunter game decks, the next one being Vampire Hunter, with Monster Hunter and Relic Hunter also being hinted at. These decks will all use the same mechanics, but with different special rules and can even be combined with each other to make new games.

Ghost Hunter

We all love a good ghost story, and this game definitely looks as if it will be able to convey the dark mystery and Gothic atmosphere of the very best ones. The game itself looks like a lot of fun and promises to be fast to pick up and play. Could this be a new Halloween gaming staple?

Do you fancy becoming a Ghost Hunter? Will you back this Kickstarter?

If you want to find out more, you can head over to Kedric's website Fancy Squid Games.

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