The Ghost Hunter Vampires Kickstarter Is Live!

July 16, 2015 by brennon

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We let you know that the Ghost Hunter Vampires card game was coming back to Kickstarter earlier in the week and now it's live and kicking on the internet. This stand alone game from Fancy Squid Games can also be combined with the original Ghost Hunter to make a fast paced and simple to learn game...

Ghost Hunter Vampires (Main)

You can see the gameplay tutorial for Ghost Hunter above which shows you how your going to be tracking down all these ghouls and ghosts. The art design is superb and has a very distinct style.

Vampires Cards #1

Vampire Cards #2

One of the big things about this campaign is that if they hit their target and exceed it by getting to £1500 then they will begin work on another set in the Ghost Hunter series called Witches. Not only will a new set be in the works but YOU will have an impact as a backer.

I think it's great that you get to have a bit of creative input in an indie project such as this. Work with the designer to design the cards and rules; what's not to love?

Go check it out folks.

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