Euro War Games Brings Global Conflict To The Tabletop

September 26, 2016 by brennon

Euro War Games are on Kickstarter looking for funding for their new miniatures game, Global Conflict, where Near-Future real world forces clash for control of Earth's resources...

Global Conflict

The models for this game have been designed in 32mm scale and not only are they offering a range of infantry for the game but also a selection of vehicles too.

Core Box #1

The campaign draws you to a  number of different Core Box options. The first looks to give you two infantry based armies made up of Light Infantry and Shock Troops. Something that was pointed out for this range is that they're looking to produce models where you have no duplicate sculpts.

Unique Poses

A lot of the troopers will have different facial details or equipment choices as well as various ways of holding their guns. As mentioned above they aren't just focused on soldiers and they have been looking at vehicles too.

Core Box #2

Core Box Two comes with lighter vehicles to use in your games including a lot of APC vehicles and Trucks to transport your soldiers. Core Box Three, on the other hand, adds in some heavier hunks of metal in the form of tanks.

Core Box #3

They've very much kept to the theme of Near-Future warfare where a lot of these soldiers could be part of Modern Military forces as well as those in the near future. There are no walkers here, just plenty of big tanks and highly trained soldiers.

The Game & Downloads

As well as the miniatures there's also the rules that come as part of this collection.

Core Box Contents

The game focuses in on simple D6 based combat which is fast and easy to learn. We've heard a lot of campaigns claim that so it will be interesting to see where this way takes things. One of the key elements of this is that they're giving you tile print offs that you can use as a basis for the tabletops you build up.


They are actually also providing you with files to give terrain for your games in the form of innercity buildings. As mentioned above the focus is on giving you a semi-realistic experience as the factions clash but with that added level of cinematic awesomeness we all want when playing games.

The Models

If you've been won over by it already then you'll want to see the miniatures. You can see some examples of their 3D printing below showing off a trooper at both stages. You can see a fair amount of the detail has come through from the original render.

3D Model #1

I'm not sure but it seems like the miniatures actually do come in two different colours meaning that you could get stuck in right away.

3D Model #2

Either way, I think with the growth in popularity of Modern Military shooters and tabletop games this could be quite the hit with people.

Painted #1

When painted up and shown off on the tiles, with the buildings around them, it looks like an impressive package to get you going.

Painted #2

I suggest keeping an eye on this campaign and see where it goes. We've yet to see a proper rules download or a gameplay demo but hopefully that's something coming down the pipeline.

What do you think?

"There are no walkers here, just plenty of big tanks and highly trained soldiers..."

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