Avoid The Eye Of The Godslayer Balesorch Cyclops!

August 23, 2014 by brennon

Megalith Games' Godslayer is soon going to be haunted by the footfalls of a deadly creature. See what you think of this rather superbly painted Balescorch Cyclops!

Balescorch Cyclops

Now that is one monstrous creation for the Banebrood and I love that it's so mega it doesn't even get to fit on the base. I think that's why Infininty TAGs were always so cool.  In all seriousness though that is one neat sculpt and I think it would have pride of place at the centre of a dark and sordid collection of creatures from Godslayer.

I love that it's decided it doesn't even need to use a proper weapon anymore and it would prefer to stare you down and then smash you to pieces with a statue.

What do you think of the beast?

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