The Balescorch Cyclops; We’re Going To Need A Bigger Sword

July 5, 2013 by brennon

At the beginning of the week we had a look at the Balescorch Cyclops that would soon be joining the ranks of the Banebrood in Megalith Games' Godslayer, and we knew it was going to be big. But by the Gods, look how big it actually is...

Balescorch Cyclops Prototype

That is absolutely crazy. The Godslayer miniatures are a decent size to begin with and when you put this one next to them it dwarfs them by comparison. Also this isn't going to be made of resin. This is going to be a hulking mass of mighty metal!

The only thing that's needed now is a painted version for us to gawp at as it crushes some puny Halodynes with its mighty fists and bores a hole through a Mortan with its death ray!

What do you make of this monster?

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