Declare War With the Sons of War in Godslayer

June 27, 2013 by dracs

Megalith Games are showing off another preview for the next set of minis which will be joining the dark fantasy world of Godslayer. This time it looks like they mean to start a War!

Sons of War

These are the Sons of War, temple warriors devoted to the God of War. So as you can imagine these chaps are pretty much the greatest group of warriors which the Halodynes have to offer.

They certainly look the part, each in a cool battle stance which shows that they know how to use those massive great swords. The design of the swords are particularly nice. Not only are they two handed weapons, separating the Sons of War from the shield combinations favoured by their faction, but they have an awesome flowing design which makes the weapon stand out. How useful such a weapon would actually prove I don't know, but it looks awesome.

Will you be visiting the temple to War in Godslayer?

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