A Feral Troll Roars its way into Godslayer

July 20, 2012 by brennon

Megalith Games are stepping up a considerable pace on the release of actual models for their Godslayer range. We saw the Troglodyte Chieftain yesterday and charging up behind him is a rather sizable troll, the Feral Hammerfist.

Feral Hammerfist

This fellow certainly seems to prefer using his hands in battle...

"There is wild, then there are Feral Trolls, and then there is the Feral Hammerfist - a creature so savage that it preys on other Troglodytes; a creature so frenzied that it never stops leaping around save to eat, a creature so brutal that it kills by ripping its enemies limbs off."

I can see a fair few players picking him up for the model as well as for his gaming potential within the Godslayer arena. I quite like his bat like ears and the pose, about to slam his fists down on a hapless foe.

What do you make of him?

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