The Fimbul Toughborns Go Scouting Ahead In Godslayer

August 25, 2014 by brennon

Megalith Games have shown off a preview for another unit coming to the world of Godslayer. This time around it's back with the Dwarves and Fimbul Toughborns who look like they will be scouting ahead for the rest of their mountain forces...

Fimbul Toughborns

Some more great sculpts that have been done through the work with Scibor I think. I would assume that the other weapons that they have won't be tuning forks and instead will be crossbows with an additional bar in the gap. These are some quite cool looking ranger folk and it will be cool to paint these up in some tundra colours or even something dark green to match the pine woods of mountain slopes.

What do you think?

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