Godslayer Looks Ahead With The Oracle & The Hunter

April 23, 2013 by brennon

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Megalith Games have two surprises from the weekend. Check out their Work-in-Progress images of the Scabhta Hunter for the Wyldfolk of Annyr and also the release of the Oracle for the Halodynes.

Scabtha Hunter WIP

The Scabhta Hunters act as the elite scouts for the Wyldfolk of Annyr being famous archers and able to blend into the wilds at will. I like the leaping action pose for her!


The Halodynes have also revealed their Oracle who will be looking ahead to the end of the battle and predicting the winner long before it starts. As a Warlord she is an impressive spellcaster able to control more magical energy than most.

Will you be adding either of these models to your Godslayer collection?

Comment below.

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