Begin The Gutting & Guarding In Megalith’s Godslayer

February 26, 2014 by brennon

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Megalith Games have some more releases for Godslayer ready for release and both the Cromlech Guard and Gut-Hackers are roaring their battle cries and brandishing some cruel looking weapons.

Cromlech Guard

First up are the Cromlech Guard for the Wyldfolk of Annyr who are protectors of the sacred groves deep within the forests. I've been quite a fan of both these and the Dwarf models from Godslayer and these are no exception. I like their grim but resolute stances.

The Gut Hackers

On the other side of the dangerous fence we have the Fomorian Gut-Hackers with their sharpened sticks and rusty blades. They reminded me immediately of some of the creatures that joined the forces of evil in the Narnia movies. Once again though I think they are pretty cool and would work well as Beastmen for various skirmish games as well as within the game of Godslayer.

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