Join The Elite Ranks Of The Einherjer With Godslayer

July 30, 2013 by brennon

Godslayer by Megalith is back with more models that make be all giddy like a schoolgirl. Check out the new Einherjer for the Nordgaard faction, mighty warriors and the elite backbone of this force...


"Across Ghorn, hardy Dwarves make the journey north to the land of permanent ice, there to take vows, and earn their place in the feast-hall of the god Haldan in the afterlife."

You might notice something peculiar about these Dwarves too. These ones have been sculpted for them by their friends at Scibor! We know those guys do Dwarves well and these are no different. One of these days I will push on and continue to play this game properly!

Will you be adding these to your Nordgaard force?

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