Learn The Secrets Of Undeath With The Mortan’s Mortifex

October 2, 2013 by brennon

Godslayer has some more additions to the Mortan line-up with a new Warlord looking to weave his deathly magic across the battlefield. The Mortifex is ready with his malevolent powers.

The Mortifex

This is quite the model from Megalith summoning the spirits of the dead ready for battle. According to the information he can blast foes away, summon the dead, and buff them when they have been drawn to the battlefield.

He also has a powerful shroud of spirits that will protect him from incoming damage and plenty of followers ready to throw themselves in the way of oncoming sword swings.

Besides all that he looks pretty epic and they have done a nice paint job on him too.

Will you be summoning the spirits?

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