The Legio Mortum Rise To Do Battle For Godslayer

September 26, 2013 by brennon

Megalith Games have another addition to their Godslayer line-up and this time it's the forces of the Mortans who are getting an upgrade. They have learned all the right spells and unleashed the Legio Mortum on the enemy.

Legio Mortum

These undead warriors are made of the disbanded and the executed. Those that ran away on the battlefield are put to the sword and made to fight for the Empire in a more permanent and unwavering capacity.

They are an incredibly resilient enemy being able to withstand the smallest of blows and turn aside blades in order to swarm you and bring you down. As models they are pretty awesome too and I continue to approve of the Roman look to this fantasy faction.

When someone thought up Necromantic Romans they were on to a winner.

Will you rise to serve again?

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