The Libarum Technocrat Bring Engineering Skills To Godslayer

January 20, 2015 by brennon

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Megalith Games have another preview for a new faction warlord, this time for the Mortans. Godslayer is getting a master of engineering and military hardware with the Libarum Technocrat...

Libarum Technocrat

"The mechanical knowledge of the Technocrat allows him to fine-tune the machinery around him to perform with more precision. They are also extremely experienced in calculating distances, trajectories, and velocities and can improve war-machine crews' accuracy; the Technocrat's hand signals even allow war-machines to bombard enemies they cannot see."

It's neat to see a warlord that hasn't gone down the martial route and has a more backseat role on the battlefield. The miniature is great on top but I'm not overly fond of it from the waist down. I think it might just be the paint scheme of red and black that's putting me off.

It might also have been cool to see him facing forward with the other hand pointing out a target rather than telling something behind to hold off.

Otherwise though it's a neat addition to the Mortan faction.

What do you think?

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