Megalith Draw a New Mini from Godslayer’s Quiver

June 13, 2013 by dracs

It has been a busy time for Godslayer as another mini is joining the battles of this fantasy world. But where the previous Longshadows liked to get up close with the club now we meet possibly the greatest marksmen of the world.


The Farfarers are reportedly leaders of small separate Fiannor clans who act as the scouts for the Wyldfolk. These scout kings are apparently experts in hit-and-run tactics, using their magical bows to great effect.

So not only are these guys able to turn you into a pin cushion, they're using magic against you too. Nice.

The model is your fairly standard scout sculpt, with flowing cloak and a stance which makes it look like it is firing downwards while in motion. I give Megalith points for resisting the urge to give him a hood, which while cool is very overused. In general though this is a very nice warlord miniature. It can often be difficult to be original with fantasy humans, but this sculpt does capture the style of Wyldfolk as well as this model's role.

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