Megalith Games Casts a Longshadow

June 11, 2013 by dracs

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The shadows lengthen upon Godslayer as Megalith show off a sinister group of shadow trolls who will be joining the Troglodytes' ranks.


These are the Longshadows, beings formed from swirling rags and shadows. Ethereal in form, they terrify the enemy and bring them low with magical spells. And if those don't work they can always bonk you on the bonce with those massive maces they carry.

The designs have a good sense of motion to them, particularly the swirling style of their lower half, while their armoured helms and torsos are reminiscent of classic depictions of fantasy villains. They seem to draw a lot upon villains such as the Ring Wraiths and this is no bad thing. Megalith have succeeded in creating a cool, menacing unit which is sure to find a welcome place in the shadows of Godslayer.

Are any of you leaders of the Troglodytes?

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