Megalith Games Take Godslayer To Kickstarter

January 29, 2013 by brennon

Megalith Games have been having some incredible success with their game Godslayer but they would like a little boost. On Wednesday 30th of January they will be launching their Kickstarter Campaign to fund the translation of the German Rulebook...

Godslayer Rulebook

So far they have financed everything themselves but in an effort to bring the game to more people this little fundraiser could bring both a German version of the rulebook and all the cards that come along with it.

Banebrood Starter Set

Halodynes Starter Set

Mortans Starter Set

Nordgaard Starter Set

Troglodytes Starter Set

Wyldfolk of Annyr Starter Set

You can see above a selection of their different Starter Sets for the factions that make up this fantasy world. A personal favourite is of course the Nordgaard (who would have guessed I liked Dwarves?).

Although after watching Spartacus lately I do have a soft bloody spot for the Mortans and their strange mix of Roman style and necromancy!

As well as the rulebook there will be deals in English and other exclusive offers you can't find on the webstore or anywhere else. Certainly sounds like something to look forwards too and we'll be keeping an eye on it once it launches.

Do you think you'll be helping them get this new version of the book finished?

Let me know below.

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