Megalith Games Begin Pre-Orders for Godslayer

August 2, 2012 by brennon

Hot on the heels of taking a look at the games Quick Start Rules, Megalith Games have started their pre-orders for the Godslayer game. Check out a few of the extra models for the Banebrood Starter Set below as well!


Maldire Mongrels

Above are both the Gorelord and Mongrels for the Banebrood horde. Some of the Maldire aren't quite up to the level we've come to expect from some Godslayer models but the Gorelord himself looks awesome. A mighty warrior capable of crushing almost anything!

Godslayer - Rise of Legends

And now you can pre-order all of these models and of course the rules from the web store! All the factions have access to a Starter Set and the Rulebook is also available in soft and hard cover.

Halodynes Starter Box

Inside the Starter Sets are a selection of models for both heroes and units and of course all the needed components including cards and tokens.

The products will be available from October.

So what faction will you go for in the world of Godslayer?

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