Megalith Games Prepare the Magic of a Bisotaur Shaman

November 26, 2014 by dracs

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Megalith Games have announced their next release, a new warlord for the Banebrood Beastspawn. Prepare for the magic of the Bisotaur Shaman.

Bisotaur Shaman

We previously saw a WiP of this model and it is good to see the finished model. Again, the pose is rather unexciting and even a little stiff, but the touches of detail are particularly good, especially that chain of heads clutched in its fist.

Megalith are currently waiting for the profile cards to arrive from the printer before they can release this model, so we shouldn't have long to wait. It will be good to see this sculpt leading at the head of a Banebrood warband.

Would you take this shaman for your games of Godslayer?

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