Megalith Games Rally the Legionnaires for Godslayer

July 6, 2012 by brennon

Another update from Megalith Games this week and now they are adding to the Mortan Faction for Godslayer. Check out the rank and file Legionnaires below...

Mortan Legionnaires

Some brave and deadly warriors ready to protect and serve. They have plenty of options with both their pilum and gladius to attack with while also being able to tank a fair amount of damage due to their large shields and heavy armour.

There's also of course two other models out for the Mortan faction which you can see below...

Mortan Princeptor

Mortan Centurion

Some more Roman inspired leaders ready to take those Legionnaires into battle. I'm liking that the miniatures are drawing on this historical inspiration but then adding a few things to bring it further into the realm of fantasy. The action poses, the added 'heroic' aspects to their armour all helps complete the illusion.

What do you make of the Mortan faction for Godslayer?

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