Megalith Preview More Godslayer Releases On Kickstarter

January 17, 2014 by brennon

In some of their recent updates for Godslayer on Kickstarter, Megalith Games have shown off what's coming next. See what you think of some of the Nordgaard and Wyldfolk figures on the way...

Nordgaard Bloodvarg

Nordgaard Scarjarl

First up we have some renders for the Bloodvarg and the Viking-like Scarjarl. I do have a soft spot for these warriors from the North and the Bloodvarg looks like an awesome beast. I like the Scarjarl too but the pose doesn't feel too right to me. I imagine he is meant to be charging into combat, but maybe the sword should be held higher and further back ready to swing?

Wycca Warriors

For the Wyldfolk we have the Wycca Warriors with their deadly looking scythes. I like these woodland warriors too, who certainly have a very 'Old Albion' and 'Celtic' vibe to them.

Some fun things to look forward to for Godslayer.

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